Troubleshooting Guide with Solutions for Major Issues

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At Printers Setup Help, we understand how frustrating it is when printers suddenly stop printing. It is often hard for the users to identify the problem and to resolve the issue especially if they don’t know where to look.

Our Printer Troubleshooting guide is designed to help you. By following the steps written below, you can quickly diagnose the issue and then fix it with efficiency. The guide contains the solutions for the most common HP printer problems, Epson printer problems, Brother printer problems and Canon printer problems.

Printer Troubleshooting Guide

You can follow a basic streamlined procedure for running a preliminary troubleshoot for your printer. These steps are therefore common for all troubleshooting processes:

1. Check the connections:

  • Unplug your printer by disconnecting the power cord.
  • Unplug your printer from your laptop or computer if you have connected your printer to your computer using a cable.
  • Unplug your WiFi connection
  • Wait for a couple of minutes and connect your computer to the internet
  • Now connect the printer to a power source and your computer.
  • Let it perform a test print.

If connection was the issue, this step should have resolved your problem. If the printer is not taking your command to print then you must ensure that your printer is set as the default printer.

2. Make sure that your printer is set as a default printer:

  • Go to the “Control Panel” of your device and select “Devices and Printers.”
  • Find your printer from the menu and right click on its icon to select “set as default printer.”
  • Click “Proceed.” You should now see a green tick symbol below the icon of your printer.

If you’re looking to resolve HP printer problems, make sure HP is set as the default printer. Similarly, if you’re facing Brother printer problems, make sure that Brother is set as the default printer.

3 Update Drivers:

  • Go to “Windows Device Manager.”
  • Double click on “Print queues” and right click when you see your printer’s name.
  • Now select “Update Drivers.”

Wait for the download to finish and follow the on-screen instructions to complete the process. One of the major Epson printer problems is that the drivers often get outdated. Therefore, this step is especially significant for Epson printer troubleshooting process.

HP printers troubleshooting

If you have followed the above steps and you are still facing problems with your HP printer then, you can follow the steps in this HP printer troubleshooting guide to diagnose and resolve the issue:

Clear all previous printing commands:

HP printer may stop responding to your printing commands if there is a queue of pending previous print commands. Follow the steps given below to successfully complete your HP printer troubleshooting process:

  • From the start button open control panel and click on ‘device and printers’.
  • Make a right click on HP printer icon and thereafter select ‘What’s printing’ option.
  • Now to cancel the previous print command queue, open the ‘printer’ menu and select ‘cancel all documents’.
  • Click ‘yes’ to confirm. Now you can proceed with your printing task.

This should end all previous processes and should allow you to proceed with the current printing task. You can check out the official HP website if you are still unable to solve your HP printer problems.

Epson Printer Troubleshooting

  • Most of the Epson printer problems should resolve themselves if you have checked the connection and updated the drivers.
  • If you’re running an Epson printer troubleshooting process for a wireless printer then you must make sure that your internet connection is strong. Also ensure that both your laptop and your printer are connected to the same network.
  • Make sure that your hardware is completely functional and that the cartridges are full and do not need to be replaced.

If you have followed all the steps in this Epson Printer Troubleshooting guide and you are still unable to solve your issues, then you can visit the official Epson Website for further clarity.

BrotherPrinter Troubleshooting

If you have followed all the basic steps and you are still unable to resolve your Brother printer problems then you can might find this Brother Printer troubleshooting guide useful.

In most of the cases, restarting the printer and letting it cool for sometime resolves the issue. This is particularly the case if you have been seeing error code E50 and E60:

  • Unplug your printer and shut it down.
  • Let it cool for some time.
  • Re-plug your system and turn the machine on.
  • Connect it to your laptop again check to see if the problem persists.

If you are unable to resolve the issue despite following the steps mentioned in the Brother Printer troubleshooting guide then you can try visiting the official Brother Printer website for more solutions.

Canon Printer Troubleshooting

If you have followed the steps mentioned above and are still unable to resolve your Canon printer problems, you can do one more thing to complete your basic Canon printer troubleshooting process; Try checking your Ink tanks and see if they are installed in the proper position or not. Visit the official Canon website for further clarity.